Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rolling Stripes

I don't know if I was charging up positive mental ions the other day when I put down some thoughts on 'inspiration' (I posted the beautiful Indian Jaipur painting from a shop in the US), because the next day I walked into a shop in the Adelaide Hills (Nairne) and found myself surrounded by heavenly Indian and Raj artifacts of a very similar type. I cannot believe I have never found this shop before, it is really wonderful- Upstairs Downstairs.

These beautiful smooth stripey rolling pins are for rolling ciabata.


Julie said...

I have come back to look at this post a few times. They remind me a bit of those throwing batons that my sister had (she was a kid of the late 60's), hers were cream with black lines. I used to love throwing them in the air - super dangerous though - like throwing a mini baseball bat above your head.

umbrellabella said...

Yes! Dual functions and pretty!


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