Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Naughty or Nice?

image Dear Olive

I have tried to teach G to be considerate, mindful and 'nice' to other people but upon rocking up to kindie today I noticed that many of the children around her were pushing, shoving and virtually stepping over her to get to the cut up pieces of fruit/the bus door/the whatever.

Scary thing is it's the same in the big world too.
On a similar theme, which has bemused me for a while now, I was at Ikea with G and she was near a table when an object fell off the table (not because of her) and I asked her if she would pick it up and put it back on the table. My Dad who was with us cracked a small fruity at me because in asking G to do this I was teaching Grace to (verbatim) "lick a*se" not "kick "a*se" (he's from Glasgow).

And its all a bit confusing. Like if your child is being badly bullied at school these days your meant to say don't hit back and give a list of verbal and behavioural alternatives; when maybe flattening the bully would end it and faster. I enrol G in meditation/movement class or karate!


meet me at mikes said...

Oh NO!

That tag is totally wrong!

It should read...


My point being... who cares about naughty or nice?! It's the fantastic nutty people who really carve their paths! BUT granted, you can be nice and nutty too!

I think your sister might be a bit like that... she struck me as super adorable, actually! Which doesn't begin with N!

Enrol her in the school you went to and she'll be just fine!

umbrellabella said...

Nutty- is a given!

holly fluxx-snaxx said...

your sister is nutty?? which one?

i think enrol G in both, karate and meditation... my friend in san fran teaches baby yoga, she says its so frustrating because some of the babies are 2, and so they wander off and don't CARE about yoga at ALL. she sometimes feels like she's failing and then realises, THEY ARE JUST BABIES!!! ha, also, enrol G in some kind of music course!! even if its just baby percussion or something!!
i love you!

Cabrizette said...

i will try karaté !!! Xo

Julie said...

It's true. Bringing up children is a minefield these days with no clear path. But you hold your ground because it's the loving parental influence that holds out in the end (even after the turmoils of being a parent of adolescents)The self assured young adult with good socialising skills and distinct own true personality is the proof of the pudding.

humanbean said...

C'mon both!

x x x x Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
x x x x Sarah said...

Definitely not me ;)


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