Monday, February 9, 2009

No Phone Home

JUst in case anyone has been trying to call me at home I dont have a line at the moment our attempts to get phone via the internet has rendered us with nothing for a few days- so back to two cans and a piece of string.


hanne said...

nice to hear of your phone-problems.Ilive in spain and try to call my daughter ,who is living in noumea "hotel le promenade",but no answer for a couple of days.what is the problem????regards from spain

umbrellabella said...

Hi Hanne nice to meet you! I wouldnt know why the 'hotel le promenade' isnt answering but my first boyfriend went to Noumea and I never heard from him ever again. Maybe you can call a shop nearby and ask them if they can get a message through?

humanbean said...

Dear will be something simple.
Don't worry too much.
You could ring your consulate in Noumea?

umbrellabella said...

Yes, I meant to add Im sure everything is ok. Perhaps call international directories they will be able to tell you if there is a line problem. x


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