Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Do you think crying is contagious? I mean do you think that once you have opened the flood gates that there is just no stopping the tears or the episodes of tears? I have cried so much recently and yet I've been having such a great time?!.

I cried through the episode of Choir of Hard Knocks the other night on TV. S cried watching Matthew whats-his-name cry whilst retiring from cricket last night. I cried watching secret millionaire the tv programme where someone really rich gives money away to community members in need of a break and they are so grateful. I feel manipulated! No more TV!

I cried at Nest Studio today watching G do the children's relaxation class there and then I cried when Carly showed me the booklet she had made for the summer school because it was so adorable. And that made Carly cry like two tears I saw them!

I cried when my neighbours moved away today- seriously our daughters were born 2 days apart and my neighbour used to bring me Turkish food because that's what neighbours do she said and our daughters used to shout to each other through the grating of their respective front doors in a garbled 3 year old mixture of English, Turkish and Kurdish. I'm going to miss them.

I cried when I saw a lady that looked like my mum fall over on Rundle Mall and she sat on the ground sort of stunned and people just stood around her and nobody bloody helped her get off the friggen ground for ages.

I cried out when the back of my legs stuck to the vinyl chair I was sitting on last night in 41 degrees and I got up too quickly and it ripped my SKIN oFF!

NB When I say 'cry' I mean a tear in the eye and that lump in you throat feeling, not a full on sob or anything no shuddering and breathing problems or anything!


Julie said...

It must be. I've had a crying day myself for loss of friendship and seeing a little child's sad look and a difficult decision to make.

holly fluxx-snaxx said...

awww amy!!
Tv always makes me cry, especially the news (but not the bad stuff) and ads... they know how to affect you.

i loveyou so much!

meet me at mikes - crafty! said...

I think you've been crying a lot, Miss Amy P! But better out then in, and it just goes to show you are a lovely sweet sensitive kind girl full of SO MUCH goodness sometimes it overflows and comes out your eyes.

Julie said...

As a kid I couldn't watch Benji or the Littlest Hobo for fear of the tears. My eldest daughter thought it funny when I cried in Nanny McFee.

Julie said...

This is the site where I found out about the US laws.

If you have trouble getting to it go to tiny happy on my links.


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