Saturday, January 31, 2009

Collective thoughts

HumanBean sent me a link to this wonderful list of breeze/wind names with lots of great ideas for the collective name for a group of Fan Flowers. Here are some of my favourites and for the whole list and credits go here

Barber A strong wind carrying damp snow or sleet and spray that freezes upon contact with objects, especially the beard and hair.
Brickfielder: A wind from the desert in Southern Australia. Precedes the passage of a frontal zone of a low passing by. Has the same dusty character as the Harmattan.
Elephanta A strong southerly or southeasterly wind which blows on the Malabar coast of India during the months of September and October and marks the end of the southwest monsoon.
Euros The Greek name for the rainy, stormy southeast wind.
Foehn A warm dry wind on the lee side of a mountain range, whose temperature is increased as the wind descends down the slope. It is created when air flows downhill from a high elevation, raising the temperature by adiabatic compression. Examples include the Chinook wind and the Santa Ana wind.
Fremantle Doctor A cooling seabreeze in Western Australia,often made note of during hot summer-time cricket matches.
Haboob A strong wind and sandstorm (or duststorm) in the northern and central Sudan, especially around Khartum, where the average number is about 24 per year. The name come from the Arabic word, "habb", meaning wind.
Matanuska Wind A strong, gusty, northeast wind which occasionally occurs during the winter in the vicinity of Palmer, Alaska.
Mistral A cold, dry wind blowing from the north over the northwest coast of the Mediterranean Sea, particularly over the Gulf of Lions.
Nashi, N'aschi A northeast wind which occurs in winter on the Iranian coast of the Persian Gulf, especially near the entrance to the gulf, and also on the Makran coast. It is probably associated with an outflow from the central Asiatic anticyclone which extends over the high land of Iran. Sharki A southeasterly wind which sometimes blows in the Persian Gulf.
Sirocco A warm wind of the Mediterranean area, either a foehn or a hot southerly wind in advance of a low pressure area moving from the Sahara or Arabian deserts.
Sundowner Warm downslope winds that periodically occur along a short segment of the Warm Braw A foehn wind in the Schouten Islands north of New Guinea.
Willy-willy A tropical cyclone (with winds 33 knots or greater) in Australia, especially in the southwest. More recent common usage is for dust-devils.
Zephyr The ancient Greek name for the west wind, which generally light and beneficial. It has evolved into "zephyr" which denotes a soft gentle breeze.

I loved all of your suggestions but my favourites are still
A flutter of Fan Flowers (suggested by Julie, QLD)
A flourish of Fan Flowers (suggested by Julie, SA)
A zephyr of Fan Flowers (suggested by way of Human Bean's wind list- no fart jokes please!)

The choice is so hard I have returned to my dictionary to see if that helps (yah nerd!). Whilst loving a flutter, the word describes a certain level of agitation or nervousness, so its down to flourish and zephyr.

Flourish as a word has a number of interesting meanings more flamboyant than I at first thought; it describes growth and also the embellishment of handwriting which suits the fact that the Fan Flower came straight from a hand drawing.

Zephyr is considered one of the most beautiful types of breezes. So difficult to choose between them, but my final choice will be:

a flourish of Fan Flowers
and because the others are too good to waste......
a flourish of Fan Flowers floats on a zephyr; if you cut them up or mix them, or dry them then that's a spell; if you pick a flourish of Fan Flowers and then arrange them then that's your posy (Pip) for you. If you put just two together then you have a heart. If you tread on them or get them excited then they will flutter in an agitated manner and may release barbed loops. If you love them then they purr with delight and shimmer!
heatwave melting my brain


Julie said...

Well I'm just tickled pink!

humanbean said...

..And I am tickled green!

Julie said...

Ahh, they are all so beautiful. I have been thinking of fan flowers all week. How pretty is Foehn - kind of elfy. Tickled three:)


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