Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Bit of Clarity Memo

Just a little note to clear any confusion!

To politely correct Sunday Mail issued today I am not the owner of Nest Studio and am I'm not the co-owner of Nest Studio (as per a few months ago)- Carly is! NB We are still happy to be included though!
(5 years ago I ran a shop selling my printed fabric where Nest is now-which probably accounts for the confusion; but really it's just a lovely ironic part of the history)

But I am co-designer (with Carly) of Umbrella Prints which is our little brand that is represented there.
We can often be found working on Umbrella Prints there at the studio.... doing things like screenprinting/designing/packaging/cutting of fabric/drawing/planning and drinking cups of coffee.
I also love doing a lot of the merchandising and windows etc. for Nest Studio and have been known to stick my beak in at various times to suggest ideas.
Additionally Carly and I work together on lots of things like the Modern Australian Textiles show we curated last year.

That's all ma friends :-)


meet me at mikes - crafty! said...

Oh! Bugger! But don't worry. Nearly EVERY single article that quotes me or discusses Mike's has been inaccurate or 'out of context' in some way. I feel your pain!

People have to be smart enough to know that not everything in the media is 100% accurate - and that it's usually nothing to do with the interviewee! People that know you will know the facts - and people that don't will soon find out with a bit of digging or chatting.

Congratulations on being talked about, though!

umbrellabella said...

Thanks Pip! Yeah every single time there is an error of some sort from small to LARGE but you gotta love the publicity and the effort and attention! Hope you had a good NYE xoxoxo!

Julie said...

I am still kicking myself that I didn't get in to see the exhibition. The one and only time I was in the Advertiser the quote they included was a misquote.

shannon said...

Hi Amy - I was so pleased to see you in the Sunday Mail - and was so excited to see your 'favourite' Umbrella Prints piece featured. It's hanging up in our lounge room and I love to look at it everyday!
Well done!


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