Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is the only photograph of my trip to Melbourne which sums up the nature of my visit pretty well actually. Besides having my hands too full to take snaps, this trip was more about looking inwards than looking out. We said goodbye to beautiful baby Leon who died at full term, perfect and strong, its unimaginable. Sarah and Sean shared photographs of their baby Leon and music and the evening with us in an amazing special time I wont ever forget. My heart hurts for them that's all I can say.


The next day I met Pip and Cam and Ari and saw a glimpse of the most recent draft of their book coming out in March which looks delectable and I want a copy Now. It features adorable craft projects made from Australian textile designs including a few designs by us which is excooiiting as I had no idea the nature of the book. :-)

Now G is in bed and Stef is watching the soccer and its raining outside and its a low key moment and its good to be home.


holly fluxx-snaxx said...

what is that photo of?
you are an amazing friend, i'm so glad that yu could be there for your friend x xx x x x x x x i love you

umbrellabella said...

Its the interior of a glitter bouncing ball I bought for G on Brunswick St! It was the best thing to go and they were amazing. Where are you Holly?xoxox

humanbean said...

I thought it was rain on a windscreen.

Chrissy Foreman C said...

What a sad loss for your friends. I'm sending them lots of love

Julie said...

It's great that you could be with your friends at this time x.


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