Tuesday, December 30, 2008


swishing flies

We just got back from two nights in the Flinders Ranges- Wilpena Pound. We are dusty and tired but it was worth it. The landscape out there is so beautiful especially the colours of the dust and the desert plants and the sky. Last night we went on a 'stroll' which turned into a 3 hour 8km walk and up a hill to a lookout within the Pound. Despite G complaining through all of the flat bits she responded like a mountain goat daintily picking her steps up the mountain whilst I dragged behind, feet like bricks, hating it and loathing S for forcing us (!). The view was pretty amazing and I have forgotten the hard bits.

We saw emus and kangaroos and lizards and galahs and sulphur crested cockatoos and Australian wild hibiscus which open up towards the end of the day. It went slightly pear shaped when G vomited up the piece of kangaroo S gave her from his plate at the park's restaurant but S thought it tasted pretty good.

I don't feel rested at all after being away (who does with a 3 year old on tour?); but I do feel re-inspired and filthy lucky and enriched from the trip. I'm also busting to get to the studio with Carly and take a look at our new colours. But where is Carly? cooooeeee


holly fluxx-snaxx said...

haha, excellent!!!
i remember going out there when i was really little!!
you are giving grace adventures that she will remember forever!
the colours look amazing, one of the kids always has to vomit, and i guess when there's only one, it will be her!
poor lil thing!!
love you amy!
x x x

Julie said...

There is nothing like the outback to tickle the senses! I am most likely to want to paint after experiencing the rich Oz colours, shapes, textures and patterns. The photo of the flower is very beautiful. I've been recharging my creative batteries by doing nothing but leisurely things in the beautiful wet tropical colours of Palm Cove, just north of Cairns.

Julie said...

Beautiful, beautiful flower. We always went South as kids and never got to explore the Pound, I hope to get there in 2009. Hope G is all better now. It has been great catching up on your news, ideas and pics in 2008. Look forward to more in 2009. Happy New Year x.

Cabrizette said...

What's up ? Where is the snow ??? Are you sure this is the end of the year ? We are cold here in France ! Happy new year and thanks for those pictures, sun, flowers....


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