Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog Affair

Umbrella Prints brooches

Apart from working and sleeping most of the time recently leading up to Christmas I have been enjoying putting together a different sort of blog all together Pattern-House.
This is where I hold dear the people, creatures and things that inspire me in all my work.

I have a little old label called Pattern House which is a name I go under for my brooches etc though my website for this is not up to date (embarrassingly so!) I have been making and stocking Meet me at Mikes (teapot brooches), Ikeguchi (new kokeshi brooches), A Room of her Own (lady brooches), Nest Studio (assorted) and Hype and Seek (guitar and flower brooches). Three of these stockists are on the same street or even next to each other and yes they are all different lovely shops and yes they dont mind at all xoxoxoxo.

So I have a brand/label Pattern House and a blog called Pattern-House which I have been giving lots of attention to lately. When I get home and after G is in bed and S is in bed ready for an early start sometimes its nice to be mute (Pattern-House) and sometimes its nice to rant (Rain and Shine).

It was a really nice surprise to see Moyou's beautiful jewelery at Ikeguchi Creative Life today; we are sharing a cabinet!


Amy said...

Hello Hello :)

Thanks for your lovely comment over on my blog. Yay!! We're neighbours! I'm so glad everything arrived safely. That's a relief. I'd love to see what it looks like...perhaps a trip to Adelaide in the New Year is in order!

Amy x.

umbrellabella said...

That would be ace I will send you a picture of the display if I can x


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