Thursday, October 9, 2008

Two Birthdays and a Bonfire

I am still recovering from the weekend I haven't been this 'socialized' for a long time. I have seen helium balloons, sushi, a battered butterfly pinyata, A male MINIATURE PONY with GLITTER (!) called Lulu, an adult fairy, two supermen, one batman, one pirate, a huge bonfire, a man called Sour Sob Bob, a barbeque, kids in trees, kids rolling down hills, fruit platters, late nights, early mornings, coffee, marinated kangaroo, beer, sunshine, pitch blackness in the Adelaide Hills, parallel parking on a slope, birthday cakes and lots of friends. We have been thoroughly spoilt and it was great and now I need to sleep. x


Julie said...

Here here! to perfect spring weekends full of children, food and friends. Beautiful pic x.

umbrellabella said...



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