Thursday, October 2, 2008

More- Paper Cuts by me

Love Cuts by me (Amy Prior)

close up of Circle Storm

5 metres long- Circle Storm

As promised more long overdue pictures from my first solo exhibition Paper Cuts at A Room of Her Own. I was so focussed on the work I forgot to take good photos, thus the living room floor! I would like to do more of these large works (and continue selling them by the metre on rolls). Beyond the conceptual ideas behind the show I liked that people could buy as much or as little as they liked and then use it any number of ways. Someone bought a length for a paper wedding anniversary which is quite romantic.


Nanette said...

This look really beautiful!

Julie said...

I really am just mesmerised by these papercuts. It is because they are beautiful but also because of the devotion of labour and detail. Really beautiful:)

Jenny RInzler said...

Wow, those are amazing!


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