Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Holly Fluxxibition- making me think about colour

framecore by Holly Fluxx

I love this photo! Its called 'I'm not a punk anymore'.

lazer loops

Congratulations to ma sister Holly- your first solo show in Melbourne wonderful! The colours are beautiful and so are you! I wish I could see it in more detail :-( more pics please!!!!

I had been looking at more neutral colours all day and the picture's from Holly's show (she's a natural and instinctive) have got me thinking about my colours.....

Recently Carly and I have been machinating about colours for our next fabric print run and at night colours roll through my mind flip, flip, flip, like a tap dripping! As a lover of colour it is a sweet and sour task to have to choose just a few because that means leaving out the others and than I feel sorry for them.

Here is the trick; the trick is balance and compromise. The impulse is to grab my favourite colours for Umbrella Prints and do the run and thats it but......

The reality is we need to find, somewhere, a balance between
a) each other's favourites
b) the colour and the imagery; does it look good in that design?
c) what colours do people want to buy (trends, decor)?
d) do these colours look good with each other as group? does it matter?
e) how do these colours look with the last printed colours?
f) do the colours represent a direction- do they represent how we would like our direction?
g) what will people be making with our fabric do the colours suit the purpose?
h) what will we be making from our fabrics? how will these products look in those colours and how will they function- is it practical to make a pair of pants in white for a young child who will be crawling most of the time?
h) do we have a nice mix of masculine and feminine colours- whilst I dont segregate most people will not buy pink for a boy!
i) how will these colours look printed on the natural colour of our base cloth? will they be too pale, will we be able to photograph them ok?
j) how does the colour/print combination look from a distance and up close?
k) most importantly do we have pretty colour names for the new colours?
l) seasons?
m) if a chosen colour doesnt sell...will G, Moopy #1 & #2 resent wearing and living with this colour day in and day out for the rest of their lives? Im thinking PJs, bedwear, curtains, cushions, dresses, pants, underpants, car upholstery, lining uggboots, lining the ceiling etc.

and then I get all confused because Ive been liking Beeeeeeeeige a lot recently and wondering if thats just a fling or a commitment or a statement or maybe I'm aging. Wondering if liking beige is the result of some dude from Pantone on his computer laughing "he he he lets makem buy beige next year". But I reckon Holly would be telling me to just stop thinking so much, so I might just do that instead.


Chrissy ForemanC said...

Well Bella, in my opinion there's really nothing wrong with beige - nor the off-white, ivory or cream versions of the beige family.
I love that you can team these colours up with bright funky colours for a fun she-bang. Kinda like a granny wearing rainbow coloured socks.
Or maybe I'm just getting old too at the ripe age of 29 ...
Slightly off tangent, I heard something nice the other day that with colour combos, the human eye is innately drawn to selections of colours that occur naturally in the envirnoment together. I like that idea and plan to explore it in my art a little more - whoever said blues and greens should not be seen!

umbrellabella said...

Thats really interesting chrissy- I cant wait to see what you do with those blues and greens. I do love unexpected bursts of colour like pink flowers on a cactus in the desert mmmmm

Jenny RInzler said...

Lately I have also been drawn to more neutral colors despite my true love of color. I would like white on the more natural colored base fabric. Or a bright blue.

Catherine Finnis Gray said...


Your blog is unerringly beautiful!
Holly's colours are great, but pale, bleached, white-on-white, ... maybe beeeeige is just not the right word!
Patches on crawlers knees -- removable knee-pads in pea-green/sea-green -- I'm getting into it!


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