Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We Have Company

photograph by Criss.Cross.Apple.Sauce

G has three 'friends' who are always with her.

They order of importance.....Sizzy (numero uno), Balarmee (like Salami) and side-kick Nollage (pronounced Knowledge).

Sizzy morphes from having blue hair and being small to looking like a grownup and sitting next to me in the front passenger seat of the car. Sizzy is often naughty and gets the blame for a lot of things around the house. The other day I was shutting the front door and accidently stepped on Sizzy's foot which made G cry- but how do you hug an invisible friend? G's friends seem so real that sometimes I wonder what if they ARE real like little ghosts and its just adults that can't see them and then I can REALLY freak myself out.


Julie said...

Great names! I must say these thoughts do cross my mind at times too. It's very sweet how G can so easily take you into her world x.

umbrellabella said...

I hadn't thought of it like that- thankyou x


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