Sunday, September 28, 2008


These pictures are a wee bit overdue but I am all for a slow reveal! Elspeth and Gloria from the Queen Street gallery A Room Of Her Own just brought these pics to me which is fortuitous because Paper Cuts (my first solo art exhibition) has heavily inspired recent textile designs which I will be showing shortly.

The papercuts I cut in this show were all 5 metres long, incredibly detailed and laboured over (with love) for months. Hung on rolls they were sold by the metre like fabric. The paper shapes that fell from the cuts sat in piles under each papercut so they ended up being swished around by people's feet, collected and taken home by children which was nice. I also made a number of large collages from the cut out shapes and a series of smaller brown papercut shapes on brown paper collages which I called Camouflages- they were impossible to photograph which adds to the meaning of them to me in a way.

All and all it was a pretty intense/ethereal/personal show and I was really overwhelmed with the response.


Julie said...

Oh my, what a beauiful exhibition. Sadly I missed it and am glad for your descriptions. I love the attention to detail and am imagining how much work went into those wonderous rolls. How lovely for the children to play in and for visitors to take a little home with them. Really beautiful.

umbrellabella said...

Wow thanks Julie I will put a few more pictures up x

Julie said...

I look forward to them very much :)

boobook said...

i didn't realise that you did that too!!
Your paper cut outs made my day, when we visited your exhibition!
brooke and moca


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