Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Almost is Perfect

G trots out of her bedroom at 11pm (3 hours past bedtime!) beaming carrying this new/old alpha set a present from a friend. Looking at it I really couldnt get angry but did say "go strraaight back to your bed young lady" because Ive earnt the right to sound like a real Mum.

Ooops did I just say real Mum? Its just sometimes I feel too immature to actually be a Mum and looking at G I occasionally get a flash of 'where did you come from?'. I feel slight relief having asked my mum about that and she says she sometimes has the same feeling- at 68 and after having 5 kids!


Julie said...

A beautiful post. G is a total star!

holly fluxx-snaxx said...

that is amazing


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