Thursday, August 28, 2008

Family Dispersal

photo from here

As someone from a big family it feels a bit like there is an echo if there isnt at least one sibling within cooee and for the first time tomorrow there will be no siblings and no mum within.... well looots of distance.

With one sister in Sydney, another in Melbourne, another in London and a brother in Glasgow it all feels a bit spread out particularly as my mum is in the furthest of places an island off the coast of Scotland. Before mum went we worked out that she hadn't been alone for more than 12 hours in 40 years. How liberating for her!

I decided to check out exactly where my mum has escaped to and discovered the spiritual island of Iona surrounded by turquoise water :-) How's the serenity!


Mc Cranky! said...

It seams you'll have a lot of traveling to do. At least the accommodation will be cheap!

Julie said...

It is a beautiful scene. Looks surprisingly warm and meditteranian. I agree, so many great places to visit and catch up with loved ones.

umbrellabella said...

Yes thats true! And they could show all the things you wouldnt find on a tourist map. Only prob is they will all be back in oz in less than 6 months- so it'll have to be Sydney and Melb for trips! x


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