Sunday, June 22, 2008

L-plate blogger

Ok so I have been finding it hard to put the first few words into this here new blog of mine. After discovering blog-world only months ago I proceeded to twist a number of close friend's arms to get them to start their own blog but recently.........MY DAD!........ started a blog and I thought well no excuse now- my turn!

A bit about myself then.....god thats hard.....what box do I describe myself into? Well I am a married mother of one with a mortgage; a Commodore station wagon and a black cat. Don't go! there's more..... try.......Im a creative visual person who teaches at a children's art school and has two little budding businesses making brooches and art and designing printed fabric? Or.....Im a quietish person who can never forget a face who likes laughing till it hurts with a slightly dark sense of humour (as in I will be pissing myself laughing and noone else is moments) who is obsessed with print and pattern who is loving life who is discovering things everyday who loves her family and who feels like she has soooo much more to do and see!

Its been such a dark and grey day here in Adelaide Ive been at home this afternoon with my 3 year old and thinking about how amazing the age 3 is. Im learning about this age 3 when anything is possible and magical and innocent and non-judgemental. I think we have so much to learn from 3 year olds. Yesterday G came up to me and said "your my brown rose Mummy"....melt....this morning it was "mum , you stink"!. At the art school the 3 and 4 year olds do the most gorgeous drawings....a pink spider is a wobbly circle with lines alll the way around it.

Time to wrap up my first ever blog entry. Im so glad I can comment on other peoples blog's now legitimately!

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boobook said...

there you are!!
Welcome Amy.
This link might help you with your Blog L plates.
I can't wait to read more!!


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